Attendance Tracker

We've all started programs in the past, full of best intentions, only to abandon our mission half way through (or usually even earlier!)

So we are going to do whatever it takes to spice things up and keep you motivated.  Research shows that gamification of any endeavour can increase engagement, growth, motivation & results by up to 87%.  If you have siblings, you'll know all too well  that care factor sky-rockets once point scoring is involved!

So get the competitive spirit charging  and race through the weeks with our rewards system designed to help you gamify your progress!

Complete as many sessions as you can each week:

  • You can score points two different ways:
    • Join a LIVE class and have your attendance automatically logged by your trainer. 
    • Complete a recording and submit the class PIN below

  • We run attendance challenges on a regular basis. Please refer to your dashboard to see your upcoming ways to win!
  • Remember the real winners will be those who succesfully use this rewards program to see real change for themselves!



  • Our weekly progress reporting is another way for you to win!  Enter your measurements and submit a progress photo each week to be in the running for our  "biggest loser" and "greatest progress" prizes.


At some stage throughout each recording, you will see a 4 digit PIN.  Submit this pin below to add a notch on your reward belt for the week.