Written on 15/08/2020
Caitlin Henry

Are you missing the social aspect of training at the gym or exercising in a group setting?

Are you struggling to push yourself to new heights when it's just you and a pre-recorded session?

Are you failing to stick to times you have set for your own workouts?

Can you feel your body & your brain turning to mush as the days turn to weeks and the weeks to months? 

Do you feel your spirit breaking as a result?

Whilst our pre-recorded workouts are designed to get you to where you want to be all on their own (& make you feel like we are in your living room with you!),  we know having a live trainer to take care of you face-to-face really takes it up another gear.  Live training gives you a social hit, an injection of energy, personal motivation & attention, & some much needed spirit lifting banter & laughter.    Live training also means we can keep you accountable, supporting you to push through the mental challenge of sticking to promises you have made to yourself.

With the  response from our corporate clients to our remote training having been so overwhelmingly impressive, we are now  determined to make  our previously exclusive program available to the public This means you now have the opportunity to access one of Australia's elite trainers (our Director Dave) who is usually only accessible to senior corporate groups .  Further, you have access to his incredible expertise at a fraction of the cost with sessions offered for as little as $10!  

Welcome to our casual live 45 minute classes!  Get ready to sweat, laugh, burn, tone, strengthen, lean &  did we mention sweat??!!

From bodyweight challenges to combat sessions, to cardio sprint sessions you will never guess what's coming next!


MONDAYs @ 12:15PM - "LUNCHTIME CRUNCHTIME"  SESSION.  Don't worry, the session name has nothing to do with abdominal crunches! (although you will definitely be doing a few along the way!).  The session is about grabbing the opportunity on day 1 of your new week to set the bar for how you want to operate over the next 7 days.    Every day is crunch time when it comes to your self-care and this class is your chance to set the standard straight up & start the week on your terms! 


WEDNESDAYS @ 7:30AM - "NO HUMPS MORNING MOTIVATOR" SESSIONLet Dave take your hump day and turn it around before it has even begun!  Start the day on a high as we inject energy, confidence, self-respect & determination into your morning!  The kicker?  Any mention of hump day results in a 20 burpee penalty! So you have two choices, a day & a half of your precious week waiting for Friday to arrive, or find a new motivation to  storm through that second half with  passion, energy & vibrance - and maybe inject those around you with a bit of that magic while you're at it!


WEDNESDAYS @ 12:15PM - "HALFWAY HURDLER" SESSION.  Smack bang in the middle of the week is usually when you least feel like training.  Which is why it's  THE BEST time to train!!  With your energy probably in a trough rather than a peak, this is the best time to train your mental muscle as well as the rest.  GET training is not just about physical fitness - it's about helping you build resilience and mental fortitude that will take you to new levels of performance and wellness throughout the other areas of your life.  So back yourself in & we will make sure your determination reaps maximum rewards!


SUNDAYS @ 8:30AM - "ISOLATION ANNIHILATION" SESSION.  Don't forget we run a FREE extra session every week to help you, your friends & your family active, engaged & connected and end the week on a high.  This session is our fan favourite so get amongst the banter, the music & get moving with other members of the GET family who value their wellness the way you do.



We believe in rewarding commitment & consistency - if you have ever trained with Dave you will know this very well!  You will also hear him say that "a lot of a little adds up to a lot".  Nothing is more true when it comes to your training and your overall health.  We can expose you to the most effective and efficient training systems that get fast results, and we can be the best goddam motivators you have ever had on your side, pushing you to embrace pain & challenge and go to war with self-doubt.  But this is all meaningless unless you make your training regular and consistent.

SO...the more live training you commit to, the happier we are to discount it for you.  It's that simple.  

  And to be able to train with Australia's MASTER for as little as $10 a session,  it's clearly therefore not a matter of "IF" but a matter of "WHICH?"!  Check out our packages below to work out which option you need to take advantage pf immediately! 


NOTE: Please note prices are exclusive of a $2.50 transaction fee.

All purchases require you to register with GET through Mindbody & complete a health screen.   

Should you need assistance, you can find step-by step instructions HERE or contact our support team HERE.