Written on 30/06/2021
Caitlin Henry

Are You A Little Sore From Your Workout?

If it’s been a while since you exercised, you're probably feeling (going to feel!) a bit on the sore side while you get used to your training regime. So what can you do help alleviate some of this pain? Below are a few helpful hints that you may even want to start today! 


Believe it or not, but exercising is a very GOOD idea!

If you are feeling sore all over, one of the best things you can do is get your body moving with some light cardio. I know you think I’m crazy, but here me out. With a little light exercise (use the stairs at work, hit the spin bike at lunchtime or go for a walk), you’ll get oxygenated and nutrient rich blood pumping into your muscles that will help speed up recovery and decrease the soreness. If you don’t do anything, your nutrient rich blood doesn’t have a huge need to go into your muscles…but as soon as you start using those muscles, the blood flow will help speed up your recovery.


An Epsom Salt Bath will work WONDERS on your body.

Look…I know we have men in our class, so I’m not going to get all girly on you and tell you to light a candle and break out the bubble bath. But…if you do take an EPSOM SALT BATH it can literally help ease and release tension through those tired muscles. Epsom salt has Magnesium in it, which can help  muscle relaxation after periods of contraction as well as reduce inflammation and aid nerve function. It’s also great for sprains, bruises, taking the sting out of insect bites, and drawing out splinters. So pop on your favourite soft jazz playlist, light a candle, and go soak those aching muscles!


Another name for foam rolling is self-myofacial release… which is just the technical word for self massage.

Instead of paying a masseuse a 100 bucks (save it for bootcamp!), you can get your foam roller out and roll those aching muscles. Foam rolling also helps to get blood flow into your muscles in order to facilitate healing. Click HERE to check out a very effective spikey ball routine.

4. ICE!

I’m guessing not many of you are going to take me up on this one, but I have never found any other modality to work as well as icing.

If your knees or ankles (or any other joint in your body) are causing you a little grief, then wrapping it up on ice is the most effective way to kill the inflammation. If you have Achilles tendinitis (the bottoms of your feet and heel hurt like hell), freeze a small water bottle, put it on the ground, and roll the bottom of your foot over it for 5-10 minutes. But if you really want to kill all aches and pains before they even have the chance to start, then take an ice bath. Yes, you might think that sounds crazy, but how do you think athletes are able to get out there and push past their peak day in and day out? They have a whole recovery process, and it often includes an ice bath. For those of us without the luxury of an ice bath machine, simply swing past 7-11 and get two bags of ice and fill up the bath when you get home. Sit in the water for a gooFd 5 minutes (I like to wear socks/shoes as the feet tend to suffer most) and then hop into a warm shower. The warm water from the shower has a wonderful effect on flushing blood around the body and removing waste product. Often times I hear clients saying they are in pain from their workouts, so they pop a pill (like Advil or Nurofen) to kill the pain. I’m not a big fan of this modality, especially when ice is so effective. Okay yes…. I get it… IT’S FREAKING COLD! But a little cold is well worth having a pain free body.

AND FINALLY, remember that nothing works as well as prevention.  Your post-hab/recovery is most effectively implemented by getting your pre-hab routine right.  That means sticking diligently to warm-up and cool down stretches before and after your sessions, asking for help when unsure with technique & keeping in touch with your trainers regarding any injuries.