5 Senses Countdown

Written on 26/07/2020
20 mins with Caitlin





Use the power of the breath to focus your attention, calm your thoughts and relax your body.  Feel rejuvinated, energised and calmed in just 10 minutes with this simple practice for any experience level.

Today's session can either be done in a quiet, comfortable place, or out and about.  In fact, taking just under 20 minutes it's a brilliant one to do while going for a walk!

If you are feeling distracted, are struggling to focus or lacking in energy this is a powerful technique to rejuvenate, energise and sharpen your brain function immediately.

This is also a fantastic practice to adopt into your day wherever you are without necessarily needing this guided recording -the more you do it, the better the effects.

It can be done in 5 minutes while waiting for a kettle to boil, a zoom call to load, or as a brain training alternative whenever you find yourself aimlessly reaching for your phone.