Dynamic Lower Body Stretch

Written on 25/07/2020
10 mins with Dave

A great warmup for the lower body to get your joints moving and free flowing for exercise.


This routine eases stiffness across some common trouble areas, focusing on: 

  • hips
  • groin
  • glutes
  • hamstrings
  • lower back

What do we mean by Dynamic Warmup?

Dynamic stretching is the safest and most efficient way to prepare the body for rigorous exercise.  It gets the muscle elastic and ready for ballistic movement.  This is very different from static stretching which requires sitting on a stretch and holding it for a longer period of time. Static stretching should only be done at the conclusion of a workout.

This exercise is also a fabulous desk detox to do at any time throughout your day to combat the stress on your body due to being seated at a screen for long periods.

GET this one in as often as possible throughout your week - aiming for a minimum of once per day.